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New promotional image for Season 2 of Reign. (x)

Reign 2x01 Promo - The Plague

Will you ever update the caps from the remaining eps of season 1??

yes, i will. my computer broke and i’m currently blogging from my ipad, so that’s why i haven’t posted anything, but as soon as i can i’ll be posting the caps!

frary: an emoji story

Ok Guys, I feel like making a tumblr post about this is the least I can do tbh.

Please Stop mentioning directly Toby and Adelaide in your ‘Tobelaide’ tweets. It doesn’t do us any good! We know how private these two people are, they proved it  more than once, and as much as it can be frustrating we have to respect their desire of staying private.

Asking them for more pictures together won’t get you anything on the contrary they’d try to avoid it as much as possible, and certanly pestering  them about ‘gettin married’ won’t give you wedding bells anytime soon. 

I know many people joke about this but still even in such jokes please try not to mention them directly because it’s been proven that both of them read their mentions so they will likely see 100000  tweets of people planning their wedding….

If we stop being so obsessive it’s much more possible that they will change their attitude and start to appear together more often, once they don’t feel forced to do so.

PLEASE STOP, THIS IS JUST AWKWARD AND VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.                                          


Adelaide & Toby | May 21, 2014.


@AdelaideKane: Last but not least… Because they’re freaking awesome! (And so are YOU!) @torrancecoombs @toby_regbo…

Toby and Adelaide behind the scenes!